Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Dr. NoiseM / Duality Micro “Hard Wired 1”

            This is the second split cassingle in the Dr. NoiseM series and unlike the other two he is actually the first one to go this time.   There are electronic patterns like lasers in space, jangling up and down the scales.   It’s blips and bleeps like an 8bit keyboard, squishy effects, that wah-wah synth and light sabers before the grand finale.

            On the flip side we have Duality Micro who is very 8bit and in a “Pong” way.   There is some repetition, which is okay, and then it has some space synth to it as well.   There are definite arcade sounds, maybe some Donkey Kong, and then it goes into NES as well.   I also can really hear the ups and downs like “Pitfall”, which makes my day.

            The first Dr. NoiseM split cassingle was a little 8bit but this just takes that electronic level even closer to 8bit for both of these artists and I’m loving it because 8bit has always been a strong part of my musical preferences.   Well, at least since the first time I heard CHICKENANDROFLS.  

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