Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Derek M Poteat “Guilt” (Twin Spring Tapes)

            When I first started requesting cassettes to review through Bandcamp, I never wanted to fill out their contact form and instead I would always look for an email address.   I couldn’t find one for Twin Spring Tapes, so I ended up contacting them through Facebook to ask for this cassette to review and they agreed.   I never remember reviewing it though (because I didn’t) and so  I’ve always sort of been under the impression that they never sent me anything and thus I’ve never really asked them about anything else.  

            Then on one random night not that long ago, a roll of adhesive tape I was using (I’d say “Scotch tape” but it’s actually a Walgreens brand) fell into a crack I didn’t know existed between my computer desk and the wall.   I stuck a ruler back there that I had only gotten recently and slid out a number of items and, yes, one of them was this cassette.    So here I was, thinking Twin Spring Tapes didn’t like me because they said they’d send me a cassette and they never did (in my mind) and here they probably thought I was a jerk for never reviewing a cassette that they actually did send me.    Confused?

            Derek M. Poteat offers up some ambient sounds on “Guilt” though it is closer to drone.   There is the hum drone of an extended guitar note to start followed by some silence and then faint hints of static.   It can be minimal to the point where it almost sounds like nothing at times.   Though towards the end of Side A it can also boom with shocking electronic sounds before eventually ending on a quieter note. 

            Side B begins with static drone with knocking beats and then becomes acoustic guitar note plucking into the abyss.  It is the sound of plugging into an amp mixed with a sort of 8bit Star Wars.    There are two repeating notes that build in a hurry, a pause and then a blast of synth doom.   Notes take on a certain pattern as static rains down and this is a fine experiment between the minimal, ambient and drone realms of music,

            “Guilt” was originally released on cassette in May of 2013, which is closer to being two years ago now than only a year ago, but if nothing else my misplacing of this cassette and finding it now, this many months later, should only serve to demonstrate just how well this can truly stand the test of time.   While it is long since sold out, you can only hope to find it second hand or at least digitally because if this can remain relevant to me two years later then it should become eternal.  

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