Thursday, September 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Socialites “Pretty Ugly” (OJC Recordings)

            These songs are fast and these songs hit hard.   Socialites are somewhere between punk rock and garage, and while the sounds can be separate at times they can also just as easily blend together.   From the oi punk genre to the Ramones, Buzzcocks, TSOL, New Bomb Turks, The Briefs and The Priests this just all around flat out rocks.

            It is a name on a patch on the back of someone’s denim jacket.  It is the selection you make from a jukebox at your favorite diner to frequent in the wee hours of the night when everywhere else is closed already.  The power of “Iron Man” comes through just as fluently as crunching guitar chords ala Guttermouth. 

            A slower, acoustic sort of ballad will end this set of songs, which are primed for cassette, but there is just no denying this fuzz.   Oh, the fuzz.   Rock this one at the highest possible levels because it will have you up and bopping around the place for sure.  

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