Thursday, September 4, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: moslem “Demo 1”

            This cassette begins with screeching and an ocean whirr.  There are sharp tones on a loop and it is somehow heavy to say the least.  I can’t tell if what comes next is the sound of screaming ala I Like You, Go Home or if it’s an audio clip, but the way that it blends so seamlessly it doesn’t really matter.  There are distant mewithoutYou aspects to the music and I’m beginning to think of it more as being hardcore than harsh noise.

            As we near the end of Side A, there are Pong-like doops that keep the beat and distorted guitar loops.  Pained screams turn into manipulated suffering.    It turns from that earlier hardcore sound into something more industrial/electro and all I can think of is Justin Marc Lloyd.   An audio clip is taking us home and there is a real Son of Sam vibe to it, about serial killers and all, and just overall about being lonely.    The side ends with the sound of footsteps.

            Side B starts with a song that is quiet and full of haunted whirrs.  It’s windy and ambient fog stuff.  It goes out ringing and brings on the second and final song with a gong.   There are static guitars amidst reverb singing and sharp feedback.  The overall vibe of it is a mewithoutYou hidden track.   Through psychedelic swirls, this becomes both wavy and choppy.  By the end it is almost laughing and I can hear a mix of Black Sabbath and Public Image Limited.

            It is hard to think of this as straight up ambient or noise as there are seemingly too many aspects of hardcore blended in as well.   But it can be some unique combination of them all and however you want to define it I’m definitely listening to this one a lot.  

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