Tuesday, September 23, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Lamella “Touch Sand”

            Though “Touch Sand” might begin with a carousel-esque looping sound that has these bits of vocals in it that kind of sound like “up” but aren’t, the tempo does eventually shift to that of noise and becomes pretty comfortable there throughout the rest of the tracks.    There is some odd percussion on the second song, which has a jungle vibe to it, and then it also sounds as if there is a horn being blown at random.    Through whirrs and the court noises it does also have some 8bit qualities. 

            What I can only describe as skip steps (which you’ll know when you hear them) makes way for the cricket whooshes and then it goes out into some territory between Jay Peele and Justin Marc Lloyd.   I say Jay Peele because he comes out in everything these days, but there are these parts of bottles clanking, pots and pans and just that general vibe I always tend to get from him.

            One of my other all-time favorite noise makers in JML comes through in the sense that this is frequency changes and distortion.   It’s just that whole idea of someone turning knobs in a very specific and intentional manner that results in the sound that is this and that which JML creates as well.   It is nothing to be attempted by anyone and is perhaps best left to those who do it well.

            Really though, any time you can say that something is a cross between Jay Peele and Justin Marc Lloyd you just know it has to be that damn good to have that comparison.  Lamella does live up to all of that and more.   This is one not to be missed for sure.  

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