Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Cody Drasser “Lugubrium Encumbrium” (Peacock Window Recordings)

                Cody Drasser presents us right off with the name game problem, as you might expect this to be more of the singer/songwriter route, but given that those seem to be less and less these days I will from here on out just assume any time that I see a first name and last name pairing it will be ambient or noise, you know, something along the lines of Mike Shiflet. 

                “Lugubrium Encumbrium” begins with the slow build of ambient drone.   It is something such as perhaps new age in quality, but then also has those hints of quietcore which just makes it that much relaxing and peaceful.    There is some sort of muffled speaking part on Side A that has out of tune on purpose sounding tones mixed in with it.    It all ends on Side A with a quiet sort of triumph, which begins looping and I just feel like this is what you might hear should you spend your time at a day spa only without the sort of cheesy and novelty aspects of that experience because I can never really think of those experiences and take them seriously, but this music is to be taken seriously.

                On Side B, we begin with a sonar drone that brings to mind all that comes with it.  There is this noise that was also on the first side that I forgot to mention.   It’s this crackling wind sound mixed with a slight amount of water noise.  I cannot place it exactly and can only say that it sounds similar to a bong.   Yes, that is the closest my ears can bring you to it and out there somewhere Colorado rejoices. 

                Side B and then the cassette as a whole ends with this sort of church organ tone, which is not too different from how Side A ends.   Someone could tell me that Side A and Side B are the same and I’d question them on it, but they do have their similarities for sure and I do enjoy that about it—the symmetry.

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