Monday, August 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Karl Fousek “Codicil” (Adhesive Sounds)

                Once upon a time, Adhesive Sounds only had two cassettes out and I was rocking them both.   Now, this is their eighth release and within the five I somehow missed were Demonstration Synthesis as well as a Hobo Cubes split (!) amongst what I’m sure were some other quality releases.   So, needless to say that is a wrong I need to quickly make right.

                This cassette by Karl Fousek begins with an electronic and acoustic vibe at the same time.   I used to think that the two were impossible as you needed to choose one, but I’ve been hearing it once or twice lately so I’m no longer quite as skeptical when it does come up.   It’s kind of like how you can go to the one point in the United States and be in four states at the same time.

                There is some of that water dripping sound that is almost like Chinese water torture although it is not at all painful.  I alluded to this earlier in a review of the new Hobo Cubes cassette “Memories”, which is kind of a funny coincidence since this is the second time now that particular name is coming up in this review (Which is also definitely not a bad thing)

                From the mechanics of the percussion to the synthy sounds of Transformers, this is just an electrician’s dream.     This cassette can go beep beep into whirrs with the best of them and in many ways it is simply perfect.

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