Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Hobo Cubes “Memories” (Tranquility Tapes)

                One of the main factors you perhaps need to know about Hobo Cubes is that try as I may to get them, a lot of the releases on cassette disappear rather quickly and as such they leave me to downloading them, so I am rather pleased with myself that I  was finally able to actually get a Hobo Cubes cassette because it is the way in which this music was meant to be heard.

                What begins with in and out synth hues turns into the sound of water and I want to call it Chinese water torture, in that sense that they slowly drip water on you to the point you can no longer take, but if anything this cassette is too short in length and is in no way, shape or form related to torture. 

                It is ambient with whirly magic and some sort of beats on Side A.   I don’t know exactly how to describe “whirly magic” except to say that it isn’t quite “whirly synth” or normal magic (however that sounds), so I called it whirly magic.  

                Side B continues the pattern of melodic tones that can be quiet and sound like they are in the woods, yet also have some sort of beats to them.   What perhaps is the best way to think of “Memories” is by recognizing it as being a primarily electronic piece of music, yet it does seem as if it could be set in nature.

                I know that there are more than one artists out there who have what they call field recordings and some of it can sound like someone taking a digital recorder (or tape recorder) with batteries out into the middle of the woods and pressing the record button.    You have to imagine that aspect of the music going into this Hobo Cubes cassette, but then also add in the electro side of someone who really Hobo Cubes still just doesn’t have comparison with either. 

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