Friday, August 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Ernst Halft “Kassette 1” (Dead Vox)

                I can’t quite decide whether Ernst Halft is a first and last name artist or a description, such as someone would say your spouse is your better half and then you would imply “Ernst” as being earnest, such as honest.    In either case, I am very much enjoying the diversity on this cassette as it feels almost like a trip around the world somehow.

                What opens with the sound of crickets (Actual cricket sounds like you’d hear on a summer’s night, not crickets in the sense of the standup comedian who bombs) turns into something like ducks and then eventually takes on this Samurai Jack/Kung Fu Panda sort of vibe that I’m really digging on.  

                Strange vocal bits come out and I feel like they’re talking about Jesus, but my lack of finishing Catholic School leaves me uncertain.   (Curse you, public school system!)    There are rattlesnakes, talk of 911 (the emergency number, not the date) and Darth Vader sounds as well, which just means we’re going from one strange bit to the next but it’s keeping me entertained. 

                Through some random audio clips now, we enter a bit of singing and snapping before tribal type drum rhythms eventually take us home.   Obviously the drums could be from somewhere like Africa, but with the audio clips of a.d.d. sort all I can think of is the Tower of Babel (either because of the movie or because of what I think is the earlier Jesus mention), and so I’m just thinking of that whole notion of it being a small world after all, kind of like the Disney ride but a whole lot less terrifying. 

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