Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TV Review: Girl Meets World

                While I admittedly do not watch a lot of television, the bits that I do watch are usually animated.    So right off I must question as to whether or not the general purpose of television theme songs has gone astray or if this one if just particularly awful?   It sounds like pop radio or, you know, something a Disney musician would spew out, but it does not start with the obvious and familiar “When this girl meets world”.

                I’m three episodes deep in “Girl Meets World” and already have observations which need to be made.    The main cast of kids is pretty much like any other Disney live action show, I would assume as I don’t really watch them but have unfortunately seen bits and pieces of for reasons not worth getting into at this time. 

                The direct main character is obviously meant to be a cross between Corey and Topanga, though probably closer to Corey himself.    Her best friend is a blatant female rip off of Shawn Hunter and even the Minkus wanna be named Farkle isn’t all that appealing but just… annoying. 

                Obviously the best parts of this show revolve around the moments that Ben Savage is on screen because he is and always will be Corey Matthews to me, but there is a deeper issue here with why this show just doesn’t work on some levels and it was indirectly addressed in the third episode.

                Things were a lot different when “Boy Meets World” had its original run on ABC in my youth.    There were no iPhones, Facebook and all the other things going on today which are intertwined with this show that I feel will help it connect with tweens but overall pass by those looking for the nostalgia factor.    And that’s fine, because ultimately this show is designed for that next crop of kids going through that special time in their lives and they want them to be brainwashed under the watchful guise of Disney. 

                Granted, there are moments when I laugh out loud at this show (or “lol” if you will), but for the most part I, like I assume most fans of “Boy Meets World” who watched it when it originally was on, are just seemingly waiting for the Rider Strong cameo, or you know, someone else from that forgotten era of television, which might quite possibly only serve as a reminder that shows will never be that great again.  

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