Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship [Interview #171]

1)     Where do you draw the line between fun and seriousness in music?
I don't think we really draw a line between the two at all we just lay down on top of the line and make sure it doesn't go anywhere. Most of our songs are a little goofy, but I just want it to be fun no matter what it is.

2)     Have you ever played Super Happy Fun Land in Houston, Texas?  That seems like it’d be a mouthful of a show, no?
Yes! Back when Superfun was just a solo act I actually played two shows at Super Happy Fun Land. I was driving all over the place all by my lonesome and had a show there and the show I had the next day got cancelled so the nice folks there let me stay over and play again the next night! It was rad! There was so much neat stuff around in there and everyone was the nicest. I'd love to go back!

3)     How did the split 7” with The Vanilla Beans on Boxing Clever Records come about?
We are super tight buds with The Vanilla Beans and Boxing Clever Records came along and scooped us both up in their arms and said "You guys are probably the best bands we've ever heard, let's make a split together" so we did that. Boxing Clever has been so rad to us and Matt Reedy designed all the artwork for it and I think it looks super snazzy.

4)     What other bands would you want to do splits with?
I would love to do a split with Billy Joe Shaver.

5)     Are there any more plans for physical releases?
We're actually working on a full length album right now that Boxing Clever Records is going to put out. I'm extremely excited about it, because it's the first time the two of us have made an album together. I can't wait for our full grown baby album to come out and take the first steps of rock.

6)     Would you agree that your music would sound great on a ghetto blaster and thus you should release something along the lines of a “Super Awesome Mixtape Yeah” on cassette at some point? Agreed! Our song "Totally Awesome" was just released on a cassette actually! It's part of a local comp called Meat Bundle Volume 1 You can grab it here: http://eattapes.bandcamp.com/merch/meat-bundle-1-zine-tape-comp

7)     Your releases on Band Camp are at a “Name Your Price Download”.  Do you feel that there should be a standard set for the value of downloads, such as a $1 per song for example?
Not really. I mean if you want to set a price for your stuff that's totally cool. I just kinda feel you should decide what you want the people to pay and if they want to pay it they will. Right now what we've got out there I'm cool with people giving us what they want or taking it for free. When we put out this full length album though we're going to be charging top dollar for these songs and the people better fork over that hot cash to our little cold hands.

8)     I was fortunate enough to be raised on Spider-Man.  Do you think it is strange that there are kids out there being raised on Superman instead?
It is a lil weird! I was into Spider-Man, but mainly grew up being into the X-Men comics. I never cared about Superman because he had every power ever and how could you beat this dude? It makes no sense. 

9)     What are your thoughts on the relaunch of Spider-Man as a movie franchise with Andrew Garfield playing the lead?
I am totally okay with it! I liked the last movie and am excited for the second one to come out. I enjoyed the Sam Raimi ones too though. I think this Garfield fella fits the role a little better. Also he is a cat.

10)  How did it come about that you guys got your own comic book?  Will there be more issues?  And what other bands would you like to see have their own comic book and possibly even crossover with you at some point?
I think someone suggested it one time to us after some people had been making some cool fan art kinda stuff for us then we were like "GREAT IDEA!!!!!" so we made a kickstarter and did a bunch of stuff and it took forever trying to get it together and trying to get people to finish and it was A LOT of work. I'm super happy with the results, but I think this one is probably going to be it for now anyway. There was supposed to be part of one of the stories in our comic where country music legend Billy Joe Shaver comes to us and guides us on how to get back to rocking when we lose our way, but the writer ended up going in a different direction. I think it would be cool to see a comic book with some illustrated crazy Billy Joe Shaver stories in it. Or maybe a crossover with us and him riding horses and solving crimes.

11)  Final thoughts, shout outs, Ben Affleck as Batman perspectives, etc… ??
Thanks for this fancy interview and check out our record from Boxing Clever Records! Try a Nutrageous candy bar if you haven't, they are a dream!

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