Friday, July 11, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Black Light "Dead Letters"

                “Dead Letters” begins with synth booms which turn into FNL and some serious piano.   Cool drum beats the bring out a classic rock vibe which can be easiest compared with Trans Siberian Orchestra.   This could be post something, but it does also have that Knight Rider feel to it, such as something Field Hymns would release.   It’s ambient, if only for the ahh’s in the background and angelic feel.

                It picks up a lot in a synth rock way on the titular track, and then gets quieter with strings on the second to last song.   We end with a quiet and sad song that is closest to that “Mad World” one everyone knows, but for what appears to be their only release thus far I would hope to hear Black Light on cassette one day soon.  

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