Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Thunder Grey Pilgrim “Demogorgon” (Hanged Man Recordings)

            Something about the name of this artist didn’t tip me off to how this might sound, but based upon the title of the cassette itself I should have had a better idea than what I did.    “Demogorgon” begins with loud distorted static that can just become all consuming.   It’s the type of sound that when played out of speakers can just take over and fill an entire room.

            It takes a venture into looping dark synth which comes out making the appearance of a horror movie and I’m fine with that.  I like those subtle and not as subtle references to such things, and Thunder Grey Pilgrim is creating that atmosphere without flaw.

            What is perhaps the most interesting aspect of this cassette though is that these sort of ringing tones come in on both Side A and then they reappear on Side B and what I can most think of them as being like is from a song by Dr. Dre, so amidst all this dark ambient feel we get some old school gangsta hip hop reminders.

            If nothing else, I can slightly compare this with the sounds of the cassette friendly artist whom I love I Like You Go Home and that is more than enough reason for this to be on your tape deck.  

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