Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Snowfall Tapes “Snowfall Tapes Volume 1”

            When I got this cassette from Snowfall Tapes, I noticed that it was hand painted and thus the tape inside had been painted over so I could see how much tape was in there to determine length nor could I see which was Side A or Side B, but I figured it out rather easily and just went with it.

            Side A of this cassette has some interesting sounds that are beat orientated.   They can be anything from hip hop to Glo-Fi, ambient or 8bit, but there is just an overall flow to them as well as a rhythm.    There is also an audio clip of someone saying “hello” in various languages, and thus this truly does feel like that cross between seapunk and hip hop that I enjoy so much. 
            As good as Side A is, Side B seems to really be lacking what made me so into Side A.   There are beats and it reminds me of that 2Pac song “Changes”, but it’s just missing that little extra something that really had me jamming to Side A.   It’s not that it’s bad by any means, it’s just more of a straight up hip hop vibe, but it just doesn’t compare to Side A, and I know comparing them might not really seem fair.

            Regardless of trying to have them compete, at least they’re competing with each other and as such it just makes this cassette that much better.   The only reason why I feel like Side B isn’t as good as Side A is just because after hearing that first side almost anything would be hard to follow it, though Side B does the best it can to live up to it.  

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