Monday, July 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: PowerCost “:: DIGITAL HAILSTORM ::” (Illuminated Paths)

                When listening to this cassette by PowerCost, there is a definite change between the two sides though it does stay within the same general realm of music.   Side A sounds funky and can channel that Jungle Boogie sound right off.   There are audio clips and a distinctive New Kids on the Block synth sound.

                But what strikes me most about Side A is that it has the feel of a television theme song from the 1990’s.   At first thought, “21 Jump Street” came to mind (Despite my utter indifference toward the new movies based upon the series),  but as it went on and I listened again and again I could hear something a little bit more R&B that I can’t quite place.   All I remember is that it should end with someone saying, “Sit Ubu, sit.  Good dog”. 

                Side B has an audio clip to start it, but then it begins to have an electro feel to it such as an arcade game, which does somehow take us back to the past once again.   Then the vocals kick in and it reminds me of Illegal Wiretaps or The Church, which depends upon whether you prefer to be modern or not.

                After a brief instrumental stint, the vocals do come back and this just becomes the sound of a synth pop type of rock band and really, what more could you ask for other than a cameo by Alex P. Keaton himself?

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