Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Moulttrigger “Gamme Majeur” (Centipede Farm)

            This is my first official introduction to the music of Moulttrigger, even though the name appears on several other labels that I really do enjoy so you could kind of say that it’s only natural I’d eventually be exposed to this and like it because any friend of my friend is a friend of mine or something like that.

            “Gamme Majeur” begins with some sharp feedback then turns into the sound of horse trots.  It has this overall vibe of jumping around between the various genres of noise and electronic, as sometimes there are lasers shooting and it can sound like Pacman even.   The pace does pick up as well, as it seems it does when it is closer to the electro side of things.

            Amidst the obvious, there are sounds that also come out more ambient in nature, but also infuse hip hop.   Whether or not this is an actual genre yet (Again, I don’t care—I make up genre names all the time and sometimes they happen to exist already) a good name for Moulttrigger could be blipcore, as it isn’t quite that 8bit sound related to chiptune.

            There are horns and static as well, just giving us the overall complete package of what you come to know and love from cassette artists.    In many ways, it is not just the example of one of the cassette artists I have come to love, but rather the collective of them all smashed together.   In that sense I like it because it is what a foodie would consider to be the Everything Burrito.  

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