Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Justin Marc Lloyd “I’m Sorry For The Thoughts Assigned To My Name” (Wasted Capital Since 2013)

            What really got me about this Justin Marc Lloyd cassette was the title of it, and then when it started there are some distorted bomb drops with mumbled words which quickly turn into a distorted voice repeating the title.    This reminds me back of the early ‘00’s when I was listening to As Cities Burn and they had an album titled “Son I Loved You At Your Darkest” and when that line came up in a song it was what really sold me on that album.   Although, Justin Marc Lloyd isn’t really melodic screamo like As Cities Burn was (If they still exist, they probably have a new singer)

            Often times, I can write about what happens on a cassette with a sort of play by play with my take on the sounds I’m hearing (I rarely am able to use the technical terms) and what sort of image that paints in my mind or perhaps what memory it recalls.   This isn’t so easy on this Justin Marc Lloyd cassette, but rather it does quite easily on Side A give off the overall vibe of an episode of “The Twilight Zone”, which just rules.

            Side B is a little bit more of a tricky wicket.   It begins with distorted bump and then goes into this ringtone sort of whistle loop I can’t quite explain.   All the while, it’s full of sharp, aggressive feedback that offends the untrained ear even more so than normal.   Eventually, this leads to the sounds of a pinball machine, which perhaps might be where it was intended to go ultimately anyway.   When I first found out about 8bit music I thought it was neat how people were dissecting old Gameboys and using them as musical instruments.   Could this be what is happening here only with an old pinball machine?

            In any event, these sounds are sure to please and take you away to another place.  This is my first time experiencing Justin Marc Lloyd (Though I have a MOMA piece of his downloaded I haven’t listened to yet because, you know, downloads) but I do hope to hear a lot more from him for sure.  

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