Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Crowhurst + Breakdancing Ronald Reagan (Centipede Farm)

            Admittedly, I was expecting this to be a split between Crowhurst and Breakdancing Ronald Reagan for some reason, but as the linear notes informed me that Side A repeats on Side B, this is definitely a collaboration between two harsh noise artists that is similar to lightning striking down on a volcano.

            Considering the level of intensity both of these artists bring to the table, this cassette actually starts off fairly tame.  I noticed a sort of calm to it, amidst the static drone and it was only when I decided to make an actual note of it in my notebook, with a pen (Google it, kids), that it picked up some.

            It was then that the loops kicked in and overall this just picked up with some waves crashing through the distortion and static.  

            If this is your first time hearing either of these artists, you might be surprised by some of their other works,   But whether or not you’ve heard them before going into this cassette, I think you will be pleased by the building of it, and the eventual storm that does come and can be seen in my eyes as the payoff.  

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