Thursday, June 26, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: princess reason “Stark City”

            While princess reason seems to rely on a decent amount of falling back into the old school of rock music, there is also a fair amount of something modern.   Some of the initial sounds heard within the acoustic guitar and vocals patterns are of one Elliott Smith, but it isn’t so much in the annoying way that has me writing artists off left and right.

            These songs sound more like EFS on a smaller scale, in the sense that his presence is there (as it kind of always is), but there is still so much more going on within the music.    There are some hints of pop within the folk, as someone such as say The Rocket Summer can be heard coming through.   It also on some other sort of level reminds me of Beck, which is someone I seem to be pulling comparisons from a lot as of late yet I’m not certain why.

            The storytelling sort of quality to see songs also reminds me of Tom Petty, which says a lot to its roots but also the overall genuine value of it as being of such a high regard.    I imagine princess reason as having these cassettes for sale at shows, driving around in a car and operating out of the back of the trunk like MC Hammer before he went bankrupt.  

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