Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: øjeRum “sange til døende”

            In many ways, to me, øjeRum seems like the perfect example of what a singer/songwriter might sound like if turned to experimental type noise music.    There are elements of acoustic guitars almost throughout this entire cassette, and strings pop up in a classical sense from time to time as well, but mostly there is a lot of drone.

            I try to come up with a name of someone who this could sound like should they decide to stray away from their roots and become sort of into another genre, but I cannot think of the precise name.  Bob Dylan is the first man I typically think of with an acoustic guitar and voice, but that wasn’t my generation.  Dashboard Confessional in a lot of ways was the voice of my generation in terms of being only armed with an acoustic guitar and vocals, but this isn’t quite like him either.

            This doesn’t really have that home recorded quality to it either that I usually hear from cassettes.   If anything, the acoustic guitar mixed with other strings is closer to something Yellowcard would do, or Green Day or just how that one rocking electric band has that slowed down, acoustic ballad with an orchestra.

            It would be really easy to say øjeRum is something acoustic like Stars Are Insane or Skin Conditions, only mixed with drone and kind of chopped up and spliced in different aspects of experimental noise, but in the reality of it, the sound is somewhat different than that and something other than what I can properly convey using words.  Just know that this is really good and works well in the combination of it.  

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