Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Galaxie Deluxe “Galaxie Deluxe”

            This self-titled, self-released cassette by Galaxie Deluxe is a bit all over the place, but that is okay.  From the instrumental beats and all around loops of synth and possibly midi, this quickly can find its way into trickles of other loops and then surf sounding guitar chords.

            If there is a band or another artist to compare this with, I’d be surprised.  It has the qualities of a band such as Blind Melon, but does things they never did.   The aspects of being off the mark at times reminds me of that early on Beck feel,

            The songs are somewhat distinctive from one another, though they do flow in a manner which you wouldn’t expect when one is seemingly so different from the next.   So while this might seem a bit scatter-brained if that’s the way to phrase it, I think credit at least needs to be given to the fact that this still has a comprehensive feel to it overall.

            While a lot of fun and just different in the approach overall, Galaxie Deluxe also demonstrates some stellar musicianship which should not be ignored over everything else going on here.   This is a fine piece of music that I feel no other medium can contain and so you should be all over this cassette.  

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