Wednesday, May 21, 2014

nosoterriblemovie REVIEW: Electrick Children

            I'm not certain what made me think that this was going to be a comedy, and though it had its moments it wasn't full of as many laughs as I was expecting.   The story here is that a Mormom girl becomes pregnant seemingly without a father, so she leaves Utah and heads to Las Vegas in search of the voice on a cassette tape she heard which she believes impregnated her.

            Admittedly, I liked this movie a lot because of the involvement of the cassette player in it, and that blue cassette in general.  Had the music in question been played via CD, MP3, record or whatever I probably wouldn't care about this movie as much or even be writing this review.   Yet, it seems difficult to have another medium in here as the main character also dictated some of her thoughts into the tape recorder like a diary.  

            There is music and skateboarding and though not a full fledged comedy, I also wouldn't put this as being a flat out drama either.  It doesn't really have a category that it fits into per se, it's just sort of an adventure that can become quite engaging.  

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