Friday, May 30, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: This Time or the Next Time “What a Way to Say Goodbye” (Driftwood Records)

            Did this band take their name from a song by the band mae?  Because when I say their name aloud, all I can sing in my head is “Be here, be here now”, which I believe is a mae song from one of their albums back from when I actually paid attention to mae.  

[Editor’s Note: I later realized that the lyric in that mae song says “This time is the last time” not the name of this particular band, but it’s still fun to sing the wrong lyrics]

            At their core, and at their very best, This Time or the Next Time is a pop punk band along the likes of Brand New and Saves the Day.  We all know bands that sound like this and we all know people who likes bands like this and will listen to them all one clone after another.   There are some hints of Yellowcard in here, and especially on the second side of the cassette it broadens its horizons into the works of The Rocket Summer and Copeland.

            There are two types of pop punk/emo bands in this world, and anyone who knows me and has known me since I began writing about music back in 1999 knows that there are those which I like and those which I just cannot stand.   I was never actually a fan of Brand New, and when I first heard Taking Back Sunday I didn’t like them either.  It took me a long time to warm up to Saves the Day, and now I still only really like one album of theirs.

            But there are bands within this genre that I enjoy and I feel with most genres there will be one or two bands that sort of become the exception to your rule.  They almost become known as a guilty pleasure, but I have no shame and really don’t care what anyone thinks about what music I like because I listen to and like so much of it and on such a broad scale at that.

            Maybe it’s because they take an instrumental interlude on Side B of this cassette, or maybe it’s because of the lyrics, but this is some really good music that even those who are most skeptical should find something worth relishing in.  

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