Wednesday, May 28, 2014


            The emergence of shoegaze more or less coming out of Brooklyn seems to have spilled over into New Haven, as Landing has that sort of –gaze sound behind their music but also can supply a lot of ambience.   To the untrained ear, it may have closer resemblance to something even slightly more modern, in the sense of one of those bands that you always seem to see tied with the s-word, but to me it brings out a bit of the ”OK Computer” era Radiohead, which is a good era to be in.

            For some reason, the second song reminds me of Duncan Sheik whilst when we flip sides and the fourth song begins I can hear some Phil Collins coming out, at least in the drumming.   This is one of those cases where the cassette is music heavy, in the sense that you’d almost think it was instrumental if you didn’t know better.

            From distorted synth landscapes to acoustic and dreamy, all intertwined with FNL and a general feeling that this is borderline trippy, Landing has crafted quite an impressive work with “II” and it only makes me eager to hear more of their music, especially on cassette, and to see them play live.  

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