Friday, May 30, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Captain Johnny Sausage/Cat Shit “Justice of the Unicorn” (Captain Crook Records)

            Not only did this cassette from Captain Crook Records teach me that there is a band called Captain Johnny Sausage, but it also taught me that there is a band called Cat Shit and I’m cool with that.  “Justice of the Unicorn” is the title of their split cassette, and anyone who knows me knows I love cartoons, which includes but is not limited to “Regular Show”, which has an episode about rowdy unicorns.

            In any event, the first side begins with Captain Johnny Sausage, who I assume is a captain in the same way that Captain Crunch is a captain.  It begins with an electric guitar and harmonious vocals, but then turns into somewhat instrumental type of experimental noise.   It is distorted and full of audio clips that I enjoy because more than one of them is from Pee Wee Herman, which just plain rules.  Oh, and one of the things sampled in here as well is the theme song from “Ultraman”, which I recognized right away and the kaiju fan in me definitely popped for (And the wrestling fan in me said “popped”)

            On the other side, Cat Shit is more about the manipulation (and possibly mutilation) of the static noise genre, and this goes on in rhythm for some time without interruption.  It is only as we approach the end that some beeping/buzzing noises come through, but otherwise, yes, this is static noise that can take you on quite a journey.

            These two artists go together rather well, as they are both noise on some level, yet they don’t sound closely enough related to be mistaken for the same guy on both sides.  I bought this cassette in a bundle from Captain Crook with Slade and the Big Nothing, but I don’t think it’s available anymore in the bundle deal.   So buy this cassette on its own if it’s still available and you can thank me later.  

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