Thursday, April 10, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Anda Volley “Inside the Ghost Machine”

            This album was brought to my attention by someone, yet somehow it is sitting on Band Camp at a Name Your Price Download and *gasp* is even from Boston, an area which I often search because I live near there again.   So how did I not find this on my own, I have no idea, but a special shout out to the hard working men and women behind the scenes sending me music to review, although they’re really just making me aware of music, which most of the time I end up liking so, hooray for me.

            Anda Volley is an interesting creature when it comes to this sort of dreamy rock music.  There are a number of comparisons I can pull out, like I normally tend to do, but they just don’t come together the same way in the end.  Granted, 2+3 = 5 and 4+1 = 5, but isn’t fair to say that 2+3 is different than 4+1?  If you had only one and someone else had four, you would certainly say so.

            Lisa Loeb (Yeah, her), Poe, Mazzy Starr and a little bit of Hole all show their faces at some point, alongside guitar strumming that would make Sheryl Crow fans proud (Not that I’m admitting that Sheryl Crow has fans)   There is some excellent drumming on here, but for the most part it reminds me of Ted Leo in the way that it seems to be a voice and a guitar.   Just because I like this so much, on some personal level for me it does remind me of Danielle Ate the Sandwich and Shana Falana.  

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