Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Static/Voice/Static “The Sounds of Hell” (Captain Crook Records)

            This is the first cassette that Static/Voice/Static did for Captain Crook Records,   There are currently three released via Captain Crook Records.   “Watch Me Choke” has only two copies, so by the time you’re reading this it will probably be gone.   The newest of the three, “Japanese Spacetronaut” also is down to the last two copies.   This one though?   Oh yeah, I bought the last copy of this one, so it’s sold out.  If you’re not getting these as you should be, you really need to start following along now.

            You know how in a television show or movie when someone opens up the gates of Hell, it has that certain sound of the tortured souls trying to escape and making that particular noise?  Through the power of static and who knows what else (black magic?), Static/Voice/Static has managed to capture that sound through music.

            (If you don’t know what that sounds like, just watch the movie “Little Nicky” or the series “God, the Devil and Bob” to hear it)

            Side B is blank, as the entire program is limited to Side A, and as such it instructs you to use that blank tape to steal other music.  Normally, I’d tell you about how stealing is wrong and we don’t condone that sort of behavior here, but after all, this is “The Sounds of Hell” cassette, so what did you expect?   At least the damned aren't escaping.

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