Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Kevin Hein “Gauze II” (Baro Records)


             There is a space that exists within space.  People don’t understand when you tell them, but everything is something and even nothing is something.  Much like white is the absence of color; doesn’t it thus become its own color in some way?  Nothing might not be tangible, but it certainly is something because, well, zero for example is a number even if it is the lack there of. 

            The sounds of Kevin Hein fill the void.  They are what fall on deaf ears, they are what keep the other noises in check.  When you listen to an album that space they leave in between tracks to distinguish one song from the next is what Kevin Hein accomplishes on “Gauze II”.   Filling the void really is the best way to describe this.

            It can be dreamy, it can border on FNL and the drumming can recall Phil Collins.  Some of these guitar riffs even make me think of Nirvana (Nevermind era), amidst the darkness and ambience.  But when someone hits that drum on 2 and 4, well, this is what happens on 1 and 3.  This is who watches the Watchmen.  These are the sounds that you cannot hear, but you can most certainly feel. 

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