Friday, April 18, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: The Corded Ware “In Defence of Envy”

            If you don’t consider music to be a form of art then you’re a damn fool.  I often compare music, as an art form, with other works of art, most noted of them being movies.   When I listen to “In Defence of Envy” though, I reminded more of the typical art you think of such as a painting.

            One kind of art- in terms of painting- that I have always been appreciative of, as a painter myself, is the type of painting that you look at and say, “I could have painted that”.  I do enjoy things such as abstract art, but when I see something that just looks so simple and feels like I could have done it had I the inspiration first, that just somehow hits me even harder.

            With The Corded Ware, I hear these songs of great cymbals crashing and the long drone hum of the guitar, and I can’t help but think how nicely it all fits together, yet also it seems like something that I could easily make myself.  I hear bits and pieces, get arrogant and think, “Yeah, I could easily replicate this in Garage Band myself”.   But that is where I am proven wrong.
            And it’s not even that I’m a horrible musician.  While other kids wasted their time in school learning about things like math and English that seemed to come naturally to me, I was studying music on so many different levels.  It seems like I should be able to recreate this as easily as I could do a counterfeit painting.

            But alas, there is an experimental sound trapped over noise here which just builds as the movement goes on and can only make you hang your head in shame and say, “I thought I could, but I couldn’t”.   It is the self-defeat of every single kid who thought they’d be famous because, hey, the Sex Pistols couldn’t play their instruments either (which was never entirely true)

            “In Defence of Envy” is a well laid out cassette and it is deliberate in its delivery.  And though it might put you on your high horse, you will only be knocked off quickly because The Corded Ware is in fact so good at this that this cassette just makes it look so easy (keyword there being “look”)

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