Thursday, March 20, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Pursuit Grooves “MoDeRN DaY MiNeRaLS” (What Rules)

                Often times, I do not fully comprehend why I hear the things the ways that I hear them, but it is worth noting that when I listen to this tape I imagine it as being played underwater.  It doesn’t have many sounds like water; I just imagine it as being a band of Snorks or whoever else calls underwater home and can play music.

                Hushed whispers and repetitive lines such as “That doesn’t change a thing” and “Won’t be nice” comprise the vocals on this cassette, so yes, you could say that it is primarily instrumental.   Bass lines, synth keys, synth horns, guitar riffs, beeps and even a ska guitar riff are all parts of the whole that can be found with these funky beats.

                I debated in my mind several times what this could be called, as it seems to have some resemblance to something under the seapunk umbrella.   I wanted to pull out subgenre names like glo-fi or chillwave, but I just wasn’t quite sure if they were the perfect fit for this. 

                So I ended up created my own name for this, which I hope Pursuit Grooves deems fit to use as a tag on Band Camp.   Because of the style, because of the flow, this needs to be summed up in only one appropriate word:  smoov.   Let’s hope now that other artists can also create music this good to join that subgenre. 

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