Friday, March 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Montgomery Word “Semi Like”

                Montgomery Word has beats, sure, but there are also some audio clips within here- whether spoken or sung- that are just chopped up and screwed.    It reminds me of a trippy Johnny Cash and in some ways if you told me this was one of Cash’s later recordings when he was still on drugs I’d believe you even though I feel like he got clean in his later years.

                I’m sure that experimental hip hop has been tossed around before, but this is something along those lines for sure.   It’s pretty heavy on the experimental part though.   There is one story in here about how this guy is walking around with a bag full of batteries for his boom box and some of the batteries still are good but they all aren’t.   That makes me think that this cassette is the type of music made for boom boxes and that pleases me.

                What sticks out most in my mind’s eye about “Semi Like” though is that it is a virtual patchwork of sounds to create some form of what I imagine to be tape manipulation but is probably just a lot of sampling and layering in reality.

                I can’t really explain this any other way, but do you remember the scene in “Fight Club” when Tyler Durden explains how he cuts up the film reel at the movie theater and splices in the inappropriate pictures to mess with the viewers expecting a certain type of clean movie?  

                To me, I feel like Montgomery Word took certain pieces of actual tapes, sewed them together somehow (I don’t want to say taped them together because that’d be repetitive, but you get the idea of how you’d blend them together… mold them together? ) and then made this sort of creation.   It’s like taking pictures from magazines and gluing them to poster board for a collage, only with pieces of cassettes and when you hook them together, spool them back up and play them this sound comes out.

                I can definitely dig it, as this is both original and creative.   It sounds similar enough to some of that hip hop out there that has instrumental aspects to it on the cassettes, yet also the noise side of things, but it mixes them and has its own appeal so, yes, this could just be genius.

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