Wednesday, March 5, 2014



              I love METHMOUTH.  I really do.  They have to be one of the most fan friendly bands to ever exist and I hope that they never change that about them.   

                Originally, I spent something like $2.50 (including shipping) on their demo tape.  This signed me up for their mailing list, by which they send out ‘zines and they’ve actually sent me photographs as well.  They also sent me the previously reviewed tape that came before “Bleach Bath” and the mailing list was really the only way to get that.

                I am still kicking myself over missing “Bleach Bath” as a cassette though.  It’s the only tape I need to make my METHMOUTH collection complete. 

                So one day I’m browsing through Band Camp and I came across this cassette.  I immediately thought about buying it, but then read the note that said not to buy it if you were on their mailing list because they’d be sending it to you for free.

                Whoa.  Nicest. Hardcore Band.  Ever.

                Granted, I got a little bit nervous.  What if it didn’t come for some reason and then it sold out.  I’d miss out on this tape like I did with “Bleach Bath” and I’d never live it down.    I’d be subject to further ridicule by all of the voices in my head.

                Thankfully it came, it rocks out and buying their demo tape remains one of the best decisions I have ever made.  

The tape has since SOLD OUT, but it is available for free download here:

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