Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Matthew Dotson “Sublimation” (Already Dead Tapes)

                As soon as I started this tape it came out sounding like the new wave 1980’s.  It’s a little bit slower than most of that genre, but it brought out memories of “Better Off Dead” as well as “Zapped!” to me, possibly because I watched “Zapped!” again just last weekend.

                But the sound, at least to start, reminds me of the soundtrack to that forgotten 1980’s movie that only really holds a special place in the hearts of a select few, rather than having the mass appeal of something such as a John Hughes film.

                Some dance beats, vocal sampling and mechanical beats take us almost to the end of Side A before we get into some pretty fast paced beats that make me want to dance like Gir.  Is this what they call dub?

                The second side is filled with 8bit dance numbers, some oriental tones and overall it just sounds like the soundtrack to some 1980’s crime drama, whether it be on television or film.   In any event, this is a truly fascinating work of audio that can only be made better by closing your eyes and imagining the visual. 

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