Saturday, March 15, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Frontman and the Rhythm Section “Platinum Classics / Diamond Standards” (Holy Infinite Freedom Revival Records)

                If nothing, Frontman and the Rhythm Section know how to keep a steady beat with a sort of garage type note progression on their songs.  Though the songs also can become 8bit, this overall reminds me of a cross between High Pop and Space Boyfriend.

                What I like about it too is that these are demos and what not, so most of them were recorded in one or two takes, which just somehow makes them all that much better, which is usually how I feel about the sporadic music that I often find myself experiencing these days.

                A few of these songs do have vocals in the way that a pop punk band would sing along with the beat, but for the most part they are instrumental which I guess in some ways makes this more of an instrumental piece perhaps.

                They do have this one song on the second side that reminds me of something somewhere between the earlier, crazier Vandals and a boy band ala 2Gether (Google it, nerds!)   When it comes right down to it though, this sounds like something I’d hear on “Regular Show” and that’s all right with me.

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