Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CD REVIEW: BABEL “RILLINGEN” (Arachnidiscs Recordings)

                When I first put this CD on, I feel lucky that I looked at the disc itself and saw the track listing.  The last song is nearly 37 minutes in length, while the first three are shorter but the shortest of them is 5:34.   Had I simply seen that the number of tracks was four I would have expected this to have ended a lot sooner than it did. 

                This particular album has the sounds of something that is experimental, electric and instrumental.  Those are found in a lot of music- especially in the music I seem to listen to- and so it is somewhat hard to pinpoint that to an exact sound, but that’s why I’m here.

                There is a certain industrial feel to these songs.  They bring out the instrumental side of Nine Inch Nails, particularly on an album such as “The Fragile”.  Now I realize I’ve said this about a few different bands before, so that must mean they also have some modern comparisons.

                By the end (I think of this in terms of length and not track numbers, per se) or at least on the second half of the CD, I can hear tinges of noise that resemble something such as a showdown in the old west.  It’s funny how we go from seemingly being in a factory (That’s why it’s industrial, right?) to the old west, but regardless we get there.

                Overall this CD has me thinking of Clint Eastwood in a steampunk outfit telling me to reach for the sky.   And I know that image haunts me maybe 75% of my waking hours (constantly when asleep) but this CD would also bring it out in you. 

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