Monday, January 6, 2014

SHOW PREVIEW: 1/7 – Potty Mouth // Radiator Hospital // Ovlov @ Café Nine

                When I was younger, shows used to have bands on them that would have similar sounds.  The idea of having a ska band on a hardcore show was simply not plausible.   Okay, so maybe once I saw Cadillac Blindside and Schatzi open for a bunch of ska bands, but that was later on, closer to the time when I left Connecticut.

                These days there are no actual rules or regulations as to who gets to play with whom and it seems almost as if bands just want to play together because they draw similar crowds or because maybe they don’t.   It’s not about having a complete punk show these days as often times you’ll find a punk band thrown in amongst non-punk bands.

                Potty Mouth is an all female punk rock band that reminds me of The Runaways only better because they’re more modernized.  I mean, think about it.  The Runaways were one of the first at what they did, right?  So that’s like the rotary phone or older, while in a lot of ways, Potty Mouth is the smart phone version of that (you can use them to check your email)

                Ovlov is on the indie rock side with some slight punk and, strangely enough, Radiator Hospital is somewhere in between the sound of those two bands though no one on this show really sounds like any other band I can place a name to let alone each other.

                2013 was most definitely The Year of Music, as it provided some of the best music releases in quite some time and I feel like that will only be further revealed in years to come when more people have more time to let it all sink in. 

                Needless to say, a lot of bands put out new albums in 2013 and the three bands on this show were amongst them.    Finding three bands who put out new music in 2013 and having them play together in 2014 isn’t really as big of a task as you might think, but the level of those releases is for sure.

                Potty Mouth (“Hell Bent”), Radiator Hospital (“Something Wild”) and  Ovlov (“am”) collectively released three of the best albums of 2013, which should be in most anyone’s Top 10 list for the year… you know, if I believed in making such lists they’d certainly be in mine.

                And as an added bonus or whatever, you can download Radiator Hospital’s cover of “Video Games” (originally by Lana Del Ray) by clicking here:

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