Thursday, January 9, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Crying “Get Olde”

                People often wonder why I don’t give music ratings but rather just write about it.  One of the biggest reasons (Aside from my feeling that grades are for grade school and I’ve been out of high school since ’97) is that you occasionally will catch these bands that make you rethink how you evaluate music.

                I love 8bit music, as it is a genre I sort of stumbled upon last year somehow and have seem to yet lose interest in.  In fact, in the past year or so I have only somehow managed to love and appreciate the CHICKENANDROFLS lead style of music even more.

                While I would still give most any piece of music by CHICKENANDROFLS a 5/5, if I believed in ratings, I might have to go back and reconsider some other ratings if I did such things because this takes what I think of as that traditional 8bit core of music and makes it accessible on almost a pop level.

                The music reminds me of something between a catchy pop punk band like Hellogoodbye mixed with the energy of an 8bit band I love like Slime Girls.  (Slime Girls came to my mind first when listening to this, just further proving their place in 8bit history, or perhaps “8bitstory”)

                On some level, this also brings out qualities of an indie rock band that I do so enjoy, which could be like Speedy Ortiz, though the vocals also can come out like a better version of Sheryl Crow.

                Overall though, the music is great and something I’ve always dreamed about hearing but never heard before now, but also I got entrapped by the lyrics because the song “Bloom” talks about not wanting to drive. 

                If I was in the nature of giving ratings, and I rated things out of 5, I would have to reconsider my entire system as this music goes far above and beyond that.  

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