Thursday, January 9, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Chris Cappello “Wretches of the Frozen Crust”

                When I first wrote a review for Chris Cappello, I noted that his first and last name (And that he came up under folk punk on Band Camp as well) made me think of him as being that singer/songwriter type who belts out the songs with only an acoustic guitar and his voice.

                On “Wretches of the Frozen Crust”, Cappello does just that.  It reminds me of Homage to Catalonia as well as some of the other contemporaries found under the “folk punk” genre on Band Camp, most of whom I do enjoy.

                The songs tend to have the lyrical content we have come to know and love from Cappello: Loathing, self pity, philosophy and his overall ability to not give a fuck about anything.  

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