Thursday, January 9, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Ben Sollee “The Hollow Sessions”

                Whatever your notions of a singer/songwriter are, especially based upon seeing someone as a first and last name either on Band Camp or in a review, Ben Sollee somehow manages to both live up to those expectations as well as shatter them at the same time.

                I can best describe these songs as coming out sounding like Jack Johnson if he was writing music in the style of a band such as Say Anything.   There are also some strings, so it’s not straight up acoustic guitar and vocals all the way and it also can remind me of TMBG.

                As I listen to this, I also hear some rhythm coming out and enough purity that I feel like this could be great for children.  I watch PBS (because of my son, mostly) and there is this guy that comes on in between shows and sings sometimes, his name is Steve Songs.  This is way better than Steve Songs though.

                So perhaps it is just best to say that Ben Sollee is fun for the entire family.  As a thirtysomething, I definitely enjoy his music.  

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