Friday, January 24, 2014

Interview # 167 // Shana Falana

1) What did you do to get kicked out of the United States? haha, i WISH!

2) Will you return from Europe or will someone "accidentally" lose your passport? we are going to check out EU to see about living there, berlin, spain..... see what happens

3) You are releasing a new album to help send you to Europe called "Shana Falana Sings Herself to Sleep".  Do you ever (directly) sing Mike to sleep or vice versa?  i think that's such a sweet idea, oh my, we do sing songs to eachother all day long and make eachother laugh, but never before sleep time... What's a good lullaby song?  surfer girl by the beach boys is pretty lullabyish

4) One of the perks for donating to get you out of these here United States is your new album on cassette.  Does this prove once and for all that cassette are the best form of physical music because, you know, when you want a job done, you don't send in vinyl! 
i think vinyl is way better then cassette but so expensive to work with, and then you have to pay for it's shipping! but actually for me tapes did get the job done when i was on the go, i always had my compact tape recorder (which i may offer up as a reward as well, it still works!) so we did release on tape b/c i wasn't walking around recording onto heavy, pain in the ass vinyl.

5) Do you think anyone willing to donate $1000 to your trip would want the bad karma that might come from having your altar?  I mean, anyone who will give that much wouldn't want something so personal to you, right? this has been an on going question over here, it is such a personal thing to pass on, but honestly people have in one way or another been contributing to my altar all these years unknowingly, so..... it's just an extension into the unknown, it's served me well and i haven't set it up in over a year now and i feel stable without it!!! it's got alotta energy in it, good, witchy energy!!! the most interesting about all these rewards is to see what people actually want, and GET.....says alot.

6) I have a book called "Gypsying After 40" that could save you on some of your travel expenses.  Would you like to borrow it or look it up yourself?
SURE!!! but who says i'm over 40! :)

7) Your touring costs lists a pretty big sum for a PR campaign.  Does that mean I'm getting my standard $15 flat fee for this interview?
and EU Press is cheaper then American rates..... 

8) No, but seriously, why are you leaving the U.S.?  Is there something I should be aware of that I currently am not?
i'm sure you're already aware, Europe has a deeper appreciation for the arts, they pay bands well and it's more interesting then America, touring the states gets boring after a certain point. Could you imagine living in France and leaving from there to tour? 

9) Is it really only $1500 for a private performance? Unfortunately my birthday is coming up too soon, but do you think you'd be available this summer for my tenth wedding anniversary?
Seriously!!!! Can we perform at night and set up all our projections?

10) Will you make a tour documentary of your trip to Europe (video, even if just shot with an iPhone) and sell it as a DVD when you come back?  If so, I call producer creds.
that's a great idea and glad you mentioned the iphone, i just got a tripod for mine and some lenses to shoot videos with it!

11) Final reasons we should send you to Europe and not help Zach Braff make an awful movie...??
is that really a toughie? okay, well...... 
1. it's really important to support the arts 
2. it makes you feel good when you support other people doing what they were meant to do, even if you don't know them. 
3. your soul is wanting to help people succeed in their goals, the more people succeed in their goals the better the world is, so you are helping to create a better world 
4. music is one of the most enriching of all the arts
5. my music is very unique, pioneering at times 
6. i have held onto my goals, dreams where others have let go, it's important to not let go, but ultimately we all need a little help sometimes and as much as it feels uncomfortable to ask, it takes courage to ask, so to be met with "of course I'll help you" is just the greatest gift. 

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