Monday, December 16, 2013

Interview # 164 ::: Zoe Sky Jordan

1)      Having an album titled “Restless, Unfocused” makes me think of A.D.D., which brings me to mental health.  Was there intent for the album to be about that, to sort of have people take mental health more seriously?

That's funny you should say that, I was actually misdiagnosed and treated for A.D.D. in highschool (not too long ago now...) and that's when many of the seeds for this album were planted. I chose the title 'Restless, Unfocused' because I thought it was a good way of describing my state of mind at that time. I had been prescribed medication for a disorder I didn't end up having, which makes you do and feel very strange things. I definitely think people need to take mental health more seriously, and over-prescribing medication to teens is an epidemic. However I didn't intend to make a statement about it with the album. Maybe I should have, but as per usual I was just talking about myself. 

2)      It seems like more and more good artists are coming out of Canada these days, especially even Toronto.   What is your take on the music scene there and do you feel like all this good music is finally coming out to make up for Celine Dion?

Hey now. I won't turn my back on Celine Dion. Sometimes I like to dance to "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" on repeat. There is a lot of really cool music in Toronto right now (Jadea Kelly, Liam Titcomb, River Tiber, Omhouse, Luka just to name a few). People say the music business is dying but I don't think you can kill an industry when people still want the product. Most of the people I just listed would probably do it either way.

3)      “Restless, Unfocused” was released back in December of 2012, so it has almost been a year.  Have you been writing any new songs?  Any plans for a new EP or album?

Yes! Hopefully in early 2014

4)      Having “Restless, Unfocused” as a CD for $3 (CAD) more than the download (which the physical CD includes the download), why wouldn’t people just buy the CD for the three extra bucks?

That's what I'm saying.

5)      Do you have any plans to release music on cassette or record?

Cassettes are landfill, but I'd do the vinyl for a full-length

6)      If you could bring any two Canadian artists with you to tour the U.S. who would you choose?

A. Y. Jackson and someone who would do all the driving.

7)      Final thoughts, shout outs, etc…??

cats are beautiful and amazing, reading is good for you, take your vitamins, don't litter, make sure you get enough fibre in your diet kids and if you're going to get a face tattoo, make sure it's something classy and timeless. 

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