Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: The One (family) (Amok Recordings)

                Earlier this year, I was introduced to The One (family) through a live album that they recorded and released on cassette.  It seems only fitting that my second review for them would be a studio album also on cassette.  

                What this tape makes me think of is a time when there were only tapes (And records, but people were into buying tapes after records were sort of phased out.  I mean, I had cassette tapes growing up and never any records, though my dad collected records) 

                Currently, you can listen to any number of bands through any number of mediums, if not all the choices out there under the sun.   This has lead to me having reviews of bands through both MP3s, CDs, cassettes, records and so on.   So to see a band reviewed on multiple platforms is not uncommon in 2013. 

                Having all of the music by The One (family) now reviewed on cassette is quite interesting though because it takes me back to when music was only available on cassette.  Sure, you could download these songs from Band Camp and review them as MP3s and all of that, but there is something special here in thinking of The One (family) as a “cassette band”, not just because of the modern times but also because of the history it carries.

                The One (family) continue their tradition of experimental and instrumental noise rock that does have some vocals on it at one point but it is rather fleeting.   There isn’t a lot that you can compare this to, aside from noting that if you enjoyed their live tape (And I hope you did take my advice and seek it out), then you should just as easily enjoy this one.


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