Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Furrow (Bleeding Gold)

                As a cassette, this was made available for free via Cassette Store Day 2013 (The first ever CSD) at participating locations and, well, it is in white.  If you want a tape of various colors, then you can buy it on their website until it sells out, but yes, the limited white is just for those of us who got it for CSD2013 (or those who bought them after the fact in a less special way)

                The music of Furrow is quite good.  They’re somewhere between The Replacements and punk rock.  They have tones of Nirvana and can also border on garage.   In that aspect, I can also hear them as being somewhere in between The Thermals and B-52’s.

                So as a free cassette on CSD2013, this is just remarkable.   Pay every penny Bleeding Gold asks of you for this is worth it and maybe next year you’ll take International Cassette Store Day seriously if you missed this one.


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