Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Deathdealer “Soulstealer” (Turn of the Century Records)

                I got this bundle pack of cassettes and one CD from TOTC Records because this Deathdealer tape was part of it.   Deathdealer has the energy of a hardcore band, but they don’t sound quite like your typical –core band.  

                They have many layers to their sound and a lot of it becomes electronic, though it remains true to its hardcore roots.   They remind me of the band Sex Positions, and that’s really the only band I can think of to compare them with because it’s such a small playing field.

                (The Bronx?  No, not The Bronx)

                These songs shine on cassette and since I now love everything about Deathdealer, this was a must own for me.


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