Thursday, October 17, 2013

The band in Heaven [Interview #163]

1)     Now you call yourself the band in Heaven, but you are from Florida.  Are you implying that Florida is in fact paradise or is that there are so many old people there, some of which are close to being on their way to heaven? 
Since our band name came from the Talking Heads song "Heaven", I think using David Byrne's definition of "Heaven is a place, a place where nothing, nothing ever happens", we all can agree that Florida is "Heaven". Not sure if any of us could say it's paradise, but it's nice.

2)     You have been put into the shoegaze genre, which has spread all across the entire world.   How does it feel to know that something seemingly so small but tight knit has become an international community?

It's very nice that shoegaze is almost an international language. It's an undercurrent, it's always running, it's always inspiring more bands, and it's broad enough that there aren't specific guidelines to follow or break. 

3)     You have a number of your releases on cassette.   Being a product of the 1980’s, I was never into records as much as most people are but I do love that cassette tapes are still around.  Do you feel this is coincidence that you’re on so many tapes or do you agree they are the superior form of music playback?  (How will the next generation learn patience if they don’t have to rewind?) - We liked putting them out because of the way they felt in our hands. I don't think anyone can argue that they prefer their sound quality (well I'm sure someone can make that argument) but just seeing and feeling them remind me of the handful of tapes I was allowed when I was younger, and the ones I wanted to get. I do agree that both records and tapes taught patience. People forget that a band really wanted you to hear specific songs in order. And not skip from band to band as easily as skipping from track to track. 

4)     Your new album, “Caught in a Summer Swell”, will be released on Decades Records as a 12” and on Cheap Miami as a cassette.  How do I decide which one to buy it on?  Do the two labels work together and throw in free stickers if I buy it on both? - Both labels are from Florida and just met, so I am sure they will figure out some clever way to collaborate. Hopefully a party and early release for "Tape Store Day". We wish we could have included some secret songs on the tape or something but we've had to move fast for production for everything to avoid this album becoming a 2014 release. Whichever release you buy, we'll give the album to you digitally as well. 

5)     Would you rather tour with Bear in Heaven or the band simply called Heaven? - We'd like to challenge both bands to a chicken run in which there is only one survivor, so that there can only be one band left with "Heaven" in the name. There can only be one. 

6)     If your music ever got really dark for some reason, would you rename your band to “the band in Hell” or do you think some –core band already has that name?  If they do, would you play a tour with them where you played on stage at the same time, only taking turns, like a rock off? - Our earlier material is really dark. It's funny, I think with the darker stuff, because of the band name, people assumed we were really sacrilegious. I am sure the videos for Sleazy Dreams and Sludgy Dreams didn't help. Now some reviews are mentioning that our new music is more "heavenly". It's all funny to us. Again, the band name really just came from that David Byrne line "Heaven is a place, a place where nothing, nothing ever happens" and it was about how we felt as a shoegaze band.

7)     Or is your name a reference to the fact that you are dead?   Are we all dead?  Do I need to accept that so I can crossover now??

Are you currently watching the TV show Lost?

8)     Stevie Wonder said that unless some law is appealed he won’t play Florida ever again.  As Floridians, do you think y’all could come together as a state and just convince him he’s playing in Georgia? 

Yes, I'll talk to everyone and see if we can arrange that. Sometime I wish we could say things like we won't ever play Florida again. 

9)     Final thoughts, ways to avoid hurricanes, Florida is America’s penis, etc…??
Though Florida seems kind of silly from a distance, we hope people can keep their thoughts that there are lots of great bands from here and around here making great record. The Dewars, Cop City / Chill Pillars, Love Handles, Surfer Blood, Beach Day, Lil Daggers, Jacuzzi Boys, The Jameses.... that's just in South Florida. It's got somethin goin on.

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