Wednesday, October 23, 2013


                It might be that I’ve been listening to entirely too much music on Spotify, or merely a testament to the quality of this band, but I fully expected between songs to be bombarded by commercials I only hear when listening to Spotify. 
                Though I can best compare the vocals to sounding like Modest Mouse at times, they have their own distinctive quality that makes Tallows a worthy band in the field of indie rock.  At first, I felt like I’d heard this band a number of times over, but rested comfortably as the tape progressed and I realized that they have their own take on a modern classic.

                Such bands as Grouplove can come, who I recently learned to like, but then there are also some non-traditional elements which defy the current state of indie rock that wants to grab the newest trend and hop aboard it. 

                The notes become delicate and deliberate as the songs go deeper, and it reminds me of The Reflector, which of course takes me back to a time when I listened to bands in the early ‘00’s, and that brings up “Choose Bronze” era Casket Lottery, amongst other favorites.

                 For a split second, I wonder what it would be like to have “Choose Bronze” on cassette.
                So while Tallows may have the qualities of your typical indie rock band, the tools if you will, the way that they employ them are quite different from what you’re used to hearing though not so far away as to turn you off on this tape.

                Also, a lot of music along these lines has been heard by me either through CD or Spotify (digitally), and so hearing it on cassette is a rather groundbreaking experience. 

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