Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Psychopop “XIII” (I Had An Accident)

                Sometimes I struggle to find the right words to describe a piece of music.   Other times, the answer is given to me before I even listen to the music.  The name Psychopop- which I happen to enjoy immensely- not only serves as a way to identify this music from other bands, but also from other sounds.   In short, Psychpop could not only be the name of this band (Which it is) but also their musical subgenre. 

                In what would be considered pop or pop rock, there are some drum beats on loops here that make me think with the right amount of fluff added this could easily be a work of pop.   But we add in instead a mix of spoken word, singing, Casio sounding key notes and just overall a sound that does not make you think this is purely pop.

                Now there are bands that exist in the sense of being dark pop.  This can be any number of elements taking a turn for the dark side, but could have say deeper vocals with bass synth amidst the pop of a drum machine. 

                Psychopop (the band) doesn’t have those dark undertones that you would otherwise find on dark pop, so really, you have to put this somewhere between the dark side and the pure side of pop.  The way the music twists and turns along with the pop beat gives you the feel of something psychotic and so the term Psychopop becomes a blessing unto itself.

                Oddly, on this j-card there is really just album art, as there are no song titles, track listings in general or just other things you might find on this elusive cassette.   Strange, yes, but perhaps appropriate for Psychopop.  

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