Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Bear State “Strange Feeling” (Snorin’ Desert Tapes N’ Stuff)

                I’ve always been big on paying attention to the details, and thus I begin reviewing these cassettes before I even listen to them.

                With that being said, the first thing I noticed about this Bear State tape is that is has no markings on the cassette itself, which would be okay by me except it makes it harder to distinguish which is Side A and which is Side B.  
                If the tape had the same songs on each side, it wouldn’t be an issue, but since we have two different sets of a total of five songs spread out across this release, it’d be nice to know which side is which.

                So I begin assuming it is rewound to the beginning and I’m listening to Side A.   If you listen to it and pay close enough attention though, you can distinguish the sides for yourself because there are an uneven number of songs on each side. 

                The songs on “Strange Feeling” are post-punk in their simplest form, and since they all appear to be crafted by one person I’d like to say they’re what I imagine a Geoff Rickley (of Thursday) solo album to sound like.   (Yes, I’m fully aware there are solo albums by Rickley, but I mean in a non-bedroom sense)

                If anything, this tape feels too short, but it will at least keep you from ever having to rewind it because you can just continuously flip sides and listen, listen, listen.   

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