Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You'll Live [ Interview # 132 ]

1)     Would you say your name is more closely related to the good news of a doctor or the mercy of The Punisher?
Neither honestly. Its more directed toward someone overreacting saying it really isn’t that bad.
2)     Being from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is it like spring break every day for you?
I guess it all depends on your image of Spring Break. I do go to the beach as often as I can or go crash Disney pools all the time so possibly? Also you can always spend Christmas day at the beach.
3)     Your most recent release, “Above The Weather” was released on Dog Knights Productions on 12” vinyl.   Are there any plans for a U.S. release, perhaps on cassette even?
Above the Weather was a split release; the second half was on Sometimes I Get Drunk (now Major Bear) which is located in the US. But we actually just released a Split 7” with Major Bear records that’s already out. We also made a tour tape with all of our releases including our singles for our US part of our summer tour.
4)     In 2000, emo would be a great tag to have on your band.   Not too long after though, it became a curse for bands.  Now it seems as if bands don’t mind it as much anymore, and bands are using it and okay with it.   What are your thoughts on it being uncool and then coming back again?
I don’t mind it. There are always stupid stigmas with anything honestly so theres no avoiding anything. Claiming that we’re a screamo band could come off pretentious, post-hardcore can be associated with bad warped tour bands so whatever.
5)     Did the person referenced in “Things Would Change If You Heard This” in fact hear it?  Follow up: Did things change?
Each song is kind of directed to a different person. High Fives for Victor was toward these dudes in my first band and I think one of them heard it and said “cool” but I don’t think any one else has really heard it and I don’t think anything has changed between anyone the songs were directed towards and me.
6)     Even though you are from Florida, I still consider you to be a part of the family of new bands coming out under the emo tag that are just putting out consistently good music.   Bands like Old Gray, Cerce, I Kill Giants and possibly a few others from this CT/MA area.  Do you feel like y’all are a part of this New England scene even though you hardly ever get snow?
I guess? I don’t really know where most bands are located a lot of the times. We’re pretty good friends with Old Gray but even then, a lot of bands don’t really come down to Florida or at least often enough for us to feel part of anything.
7)     Final thoughts, shout outs, news on upcoming albums, etc…??
We have a four song 7” coming out incredibly soon so be on the look out for that.  There are way too many bands to give a shout out to but anyone and everyone that we’ve met, helped us get shows/places to sleep/purchased anything/even came to the show really means a lot to us.

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