Thursday, August 1, 2013

Werewolf Police [Interview # 110 // Tynan Cooney]

1)      There exists a book called The Wolfman, written by Nicholas Pekearo, a NYC police officer who was killed in the line of duty.  This may sound odd or be too farfetched to make the connection, but is that what your band name is in reference to?
2)      Who makes a better werewolf:  Benicio Del Toro or Michael J. Fox?
3)      You have this distinct rock sound that isn’t quite your typical indie, isn’t quite grunge or garage, etc..  How did that come about?
4)      You are from Connecticut, a state I spent my entire life in except for the last eight years.  In the near decade I was gone, a lot seems to have changed.   I remember seeing a lot of really good shows and using Just Another Scene to find them.   What happened?  Where has all the music gone?
5)      Your album “The Moderation Blues” is available for a Name-Your-Price Download on Band Camp, but then also as a cassette for money, meaning if you download it for free and like it, you can buy the tape, thus supporting the artist (you) and having a pretty cool tape instead of just some songs on a flash drive.   This is a theory I’ve subscribed to for a while with music: being able to listen to it for free, sampling in a way, and then buy it either on cassette or record if you like it to support the music makers.   Was this done intentionally by you?
6)      Stone Temple Pilots, back when they had Weiland fronting them and not the dude from Linkin Park, said that “moderation is masturbation”.   Do you agree with that?
7)      Back to the cassette idea, I know a lot of music people love vinyl and think it’s the second coming, but maybe it’s just because I was born in the 1980’s, but I’ve always loved cassettes more than any other music medium and am glad to see them making their comeback of sorts.  Do you agree that cassettes are the best form of musical playback?

8)      Final thoughts, shout outs, plugs for Doogie’s, etc…??

1- No, but i may have to read the book now and start saying it is. Nothing too deep about our name, a friend of ours actually came up with it. We couldn't decide on a name for a long time so we settled on that. This was before the whole "Wolf" band name explosion, before Vampire Weekend and before the Twilight craze. Looking back its kind of regrettable. But it stuck and i enjoy that people either love it or hate it... That, and nothing else really comes up when you Google it.
2- Well this is sort of a trick question because of course the person Benicio Del Toro would make a better actual werewolf. Like if i had money on a Michael J. Fox werewolf vs. a Benicio Del Toro werewolf cage match to the death, im going Benicio. But as far as their cinematic portrayal as one, im going with Micheal. Teen Wolf was good, but Back to the Future is one of the greatest films of all time.
3- Its all just drawing from my subconscious pool of musical influences. That's pretty much all music is really isnt it? I'm really just trying to entertain myself, just trying to find something awesome that doesnt exist yet. I like to believe the best song you've ever heard doesnt exist yet. I love riffs and melodies and how they work together. I went through some heavy phases, Nirvana showed me that you don't have to be Slash to play the guitar, then it was the Beatles, Pavement, Don Caballero almost drove me to quit music, and Guided By Voices showed me the way back...  I don't really listen to a lot of music from the present. I do hear the occasional excellent album nowadays, its not like i don't like music, theres just so much to be heard now . And its not like i'm stuck in the 90's, i don't listen to that music either. I guess i just like to make it more than listening to it. Well, make it, have a few beers, then listen to it. Thats what its all about.

4- What do you mean, Avenged Sevenfold just played Mohegan Sun? We've been primarily a recording band since about 2008 so we havent played many shows since. We got old and started families. We're actually just starting to get the live show back up and running again. My younger brother in law Cal McNamara is in a band called The Gentle Stunts and him and his friends have a nice wave of enthusiastic young music bubbling up from our home town, Berlin.
5- That was my exact intention. I hate the idea that some kid might want to download my album only to have money prevent that. Its hard enough to get an audience today, if somebody cares enough to click the mouse twice and download my album, then let them have it. If they like it enough to want a physical object that represents that, great, you can have that too. And that will help me make more music. Fans arent stupid they know what theyre doing. If they care they will show it. Besides, the more popular the music is today, the easier it is to obtain it for free and vice versa. Anybody can stream or download a Justin Timberlake song, but the only place you can hear a Werewolf Police album is on bandcamp and it costs $10? That just doesnt work.  I figure fans = success, hard to have the latter without the former. 
6- Wait, the guy from Linkin Park is fronting STP now? God, thats almost worse than Adam Lambert and Queen. I loved STP when i was 13. I masturbated a lot when i was 13.  I'm pretty sure Weiland had no idea what he's talking about.
7- I have a love hate relationship with cassettes. All of the music i fell in love with was played back on a cassette. But then i started making music on them and it was a never ending quest to have the music i made sound "good" enough. I have hundreds of cassettes filled with half baked, and really baked, songs, ideas, jams that i made on my 4-track. At the time there was a pinnacle i had yet to reach in my mind. After about ten years i finally got to the point where i could get that clean, crisp recording sound out of a computer. It wasnt until my laptop died half way through making The Moderation Blues that i went back and tried to making and actual album on a 4-track, and that ended up being Vulture Club. I to this day make all of my demos on cassette.
8- Me and Cal from The Gentle Stunts just finished up our debut album for a band we just started, im really excited about it,  it's called "Comets - Fire The Wake Up Call". I made the music and he sings. Its nothing like Werewolf Police, its actually a lot more like Justin Timberlake. Somebody needs to take that guy down. We're going to get it mastered and it should be out by the end of the month on bandcamp. Its sort of our response to the popular music of today and the result of what happens when its crammed down our throats and we have to puke it up. Werewolf Police's next album is already demoed and finished (in my head at least), i just need to record it. It's a lot more dirty and adventurous. That should be out by the end of the year. Im also in an incredible band called The Inclined Plane which has tons of stuff available on bandcamp too. we're also working on an LP. What else hmmm, i'd love to shout out to Old Burnside Brewing Company. Maybe they want to give us free beer.

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